Saturday, December 7, 2013

Inspiration Behind the Story--The D. Picking & Company

Countdown to Christmas--18 days left!
The D. Picking & Co.

The moment I saw the article on the D. Picking & Co. in American Profile magazine, I knew I wanted to use their inspiration in a Christmas story. For 140 years, their coppersmiths have produced copper kettles used to make cheese, apple butter, candy, popcorn, and timpani drums. The family-owned company is based in Ohio and is the only manufacturer of hand-hammered copper kettles in the nation. I admire this company for their stellar quality products Made in America, crafted the old-fashioned way.

As I began writing Bright Copper Kettles, the picture in the article kept coming back to me--kettles and pots so shiny I could see the reflection of the room it was taken in. That's when the faith message of the story came alive for me. As the coppersmith must cut, shape, mold, heat, and polish the kettle to make it a usable vessel, so must God do in our lives to make us usable vessels for Him that reflect the light of His word. As the reclusive and bitter hero of my story Dean Whitfield soon learns, a master never gives up on his creation.

What I want readers to take away most from Bright Copper Kettles is that God is always good, whether we're on the mountain (good times) or in the valley (bad times). Though our circumstances sometimes make it hard to keep going and at times it may feel like God isn't there, He is. Keep moving forward, keep praying and allowing communication with Him to stay open so He can speak to you. His plans are molding, heating, and polishing you into a usable vessel.

Choose to stay out of the scrap pile.

For more on the D. Picking & Co., visit their website by clicking here.

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