Thursday, December 5, 2013

Acknowledgements for Bright Copper Kettles

Countdown to Christmas--20 days left!

        A published book is never possible soley on the efforts of the author. It takes several people working together to create the entire package--appealing on the outside with a treasure on the inside. I have many to thank for helping me on this journey, starting with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank You for loving me enough to die on the cross for me and give me an eternal home in heaven. I'm humbled to use what You've given me for Your honor and glory.
        I can't thank my parents, Mike and Sherry Brooks, enough for raising me in stable Christian home, where I learned about God at a young age. Your love and support mean the world to me. The message of this story turned out to be one we all clinged to during the unexpected events that happened while this story was in the publishing process. Like Dean learned, God is good at ALL times, and I thank Him every day that you're both still in my life.       
        My stories would only be good for kindling if it weren't for The Quid Pro Quills--my fantastic critique partners and also my friends: Robin Patchen, Pegg Thomas, Marge Wiebe, Kara Hunt, and Jericha Kingston. You gals keep me in line, encourage me, pray for me, and provide lots of laughs. Thank you all so much for bringing me into your group. I'm proud to know every one of you.
        Huge thanks to my editor, Barbara Early, for seeing promise in this story even though it still needed work. Your wisdom and hard work made this story what it is. You are much appreciated, and I enjoyed meeting you in person at the ACFW conference.
        Nicola Martinez, thank you for taking a chance on a new author and for everything you contributed to this story. The cover art is amazing.
        Pelican Book Group--for what you stand for and your passion to bring clean, entertaining stories to the world.
        Nancy Alexander, creator of Ladybug Wreaths--who'd have thought you winning a copy of my last story would inspire me to write a new one? Thanks for letting me into your world. You have amazing talent!
        The moment I saw the article on the D. Picking & Co. in American Profile magazine, I knew I wanted to write a story about a coppersmith. Your 140 year old business is an ispiration. I fully respect your vision of keeping the old ways. Thank you for inspiring my hero and for keeping your products Made in the USA.
        Laura Hodges Poole, Jody Day, and Dicky To--your insight on the first chapter is greatly appreciated. I'm blessed to know you.
        Thanks to my pastor, Jerel Clanney and his wife, Hannah, for their friendship and  willingness to help me with the faith message of my stories and for being prompt and patient with my emails.
        My mother-in-law, Jennifer Patterson, inspired Gomez with tales of her real-life childhood cat by the same name. Thanks for the idea!
        When doubts sneak into my life, I'm blessed to have a team of cheerleaders on the sidelines: Marti Chabot, Teresa Ralph, my parents, Terry Parman, Brock Chevrier, Missy Lovett, Aaron and Margaret Patterson. Thank you for your prayers and for believing in me.'d be lost without you!
        Aaron White with Aaron J Photography--thank you for your kindness and patience with my author portraits. You have an amazing gift.        
        Tracey Wade, for inviting me into your store, introducing me to your customers, and helping spread the word about this book. Thank you.
        The Bloomfield Public Library and all who work there. Thanks for hosting a Book Talk/Coffee Hour to help me promote this book. I appreciate your large section of Christian fiction, which keeps me entertained.
         To anyone who helped promote this book by sharing the links through social media, word of mouth, blog interviews, and more--THANK YOU!     
         Levi, Silas, and Hudson--you're the best boys a mom could ask for. Thanks for tolerating my mental absence at times when deadlines require that I write in the evenings. I'm so proud of my little men.
        Last--but certainly not the least--my husband, Adam. You've been my best friend since I was fifteen. Thank you for your support in all my crazy dreams. This one actually panned out. :)
Thanks for loving me despite all that I lack. Most of all, thanks for being you. There is truly no better man. God gave me you.

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