Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Scared Stiff

Back in March, the little guy decided he wanted to play T-ball. We signed him up, paid the dues, and practiced with him. Whenever anyone asked him what position he wanted to play, he’d say, “I’m gonna be the coach!” We all laughed at this utter cuteness, but come to find out, he was serious. VERY serious.
Team practices started, and it was a constant struggle to get him to participate. Either I or my husband had to be on the field with him every second, and even then, he wouldn’t make it easy. Now don’t get me wrong, we realize he’s young, and we certainly don’t make our kids play sports. However, we do teach our children to not be quitters. There are too many quitters in society already.
Games begin. Three into the season and little guy refuses to play. He watches his teammates have a great time, but he won’t join in. Why? He wanted to be the coach!
Finally, by a miracle from the good Lord above, he decided to play last week. No fussing, scowling, or shyness. Just a lift of his little chin, and he walked out there, determined, and played. He did great. Hit every time he was up to bat, ran the bases in order, and played in the dirt in between. After the game, proud mama gave him a big squeeze, bought him a Slushie, and had a heart-to-heart.
“Did you enjoy your game,” I asked.
“Yeah, I did. I knew I’d be good at it.”
“You are. But if you knew that, why wouldn’t you play before?”
“I was scared.”
“Of what?”
“I was scared I might fall down. Scared I’d get hurt. Scared people would laugh at me.”
I was stunned. This whole time I’d thought it was because he couldn’t be the coach. It was in part, but I had no idea an underlying fear kept him from playing.
This hit me square in the face. How many of Christians are being called to make some kind of change in their lives but are sitting on the bench instead, missing out because they didn’t get the “position” they wanted. Or scared they might fall down. Scared they might get hurt.
I know because I’m dealing with this myself right now. Sometimes we’re so scared of failing, we do absolutely nothing at all. I’m grateful God is a patient God. A merciful God. A God full of grace and love.
Lord, help me to overcome my fear, step away from the bench, and help my team achieve victory.
*This post was originally posted by me on May 23, 2014 with the Quid Pro Quills. For more posts like this visit www.quidproquills.wordpress.com

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