Sunday, September 1, 2013

ACFW Conference 2013

The last several weeks, I've been preparing to attend this years ACFW Conference in Indianapolis, September 13-15. I've never been to a writer's conference before and since this is one of the biggest held every year, I'm both very excited and very nervous.
The next two weeks will be challenging for me as I finish polishing the novel I'll be pitching to editors and agents, memorizing my book proposal, printing off one-sheets and sample chapters, deciding what to wear, packing...all while trying to keep up on household chores, helping the kids with their homework, seeing my normal commitments through, AND editing my Christmas novella that will release with White Rose around Thanksgiving. (More to come on that later)

Overwhelmed? Yes, but I'm grateful for God's blessings and will meet these challenges head on. He'll give me the tools I need to get these jobs done. (And hopefully He'll provide me with LOTS of caffeine as well.)  

I'm so excited for the opportunity to meet other authors, many of whom have touched my heart through their writing, and I admire very much. We'll sit in classes together, fellowship with one another, and worship together. I'm looking forward to being a student of Karen Witemeyer's class (she is one of my favorite historical romance authors), Deb Raney's class, and learning how to make my character's memorable with Tosca Lee.

I'll get to meet two of my wonderful critique partners in person, one of which is a finalist in the ACFW Genesis contest. The winners will be announced at the awards gala, and I'll be proud to sit with her and watch her accept her award (she's that good, so I believe she'll win!)  

If you "Like" my Facebook page you can follow my journey during the conference, and, of course, I'll write a blog post to share afterward.

I ask anyone who is willing to, please pray for me the next 15 days--for my nerves to settle, that I'll get everything done with time to spare, clarity of thought when I pitch my novel, safety while traveling to and from the conference, to make lasting friendships, to have a good attitude, and above all to honor and glorify God in all that I do. His will may not be for me to receive a book contract or an agent from this experience, but I know He has something waiting for me there.


  1. I'm praying for you, Candice! I'm so thrilled for you, and can't wait to hear your report when you get home!

  2. Can't wait to see you Candice and give you a great big hug!!!! So looking forward to it. :-)

  3. Thank you both so much! I wouldn't have anything decent to pitch if it weren't for the Quids!!

  4. You'll have a great time Candice. Breathe. Pray. Repeat. :-) Can't wait to meet you!