Thursday, August 15, 2013

It Happened at the County Fair

As summer nears fall, the new school year begins and county and state fairs come to a close. We had a blast at our county fair this year. The boys were very active in their 4-H clubs, and of course by the time it was over, Mom and Dad were very tired.
Here are some of our highlights from the fair:
Rhode Island Red hens in our field

Hen #2 

This was our first year showing chickens, and we learned a lot. To my surprise, the hens were very cooperative, and our oldest son won a first place ribbon with his hen.
First place winner!

The boys also learned about different breeds of chickens, their eggs, and how to better care for their birds through research done for their club posters.

 Through a partnership between 4-H and our local REMC, the boys learned about electricity and can now identify the different types of circuits. They helped their dad cut, sand, and stain the base and solder the wires. Each son's project won a Special Merit award!
Series Circuit
Parallel Circuit

Our oldest son joined the rifle club this year, learning gun safety. He enjoyed target practice.

Our middle son took an interest in beekeeping this year. Being division #1, they studied the different types of honeybees, how to tell the difference between a drone, a queen, and a worker bee, and how bees forage nectar and produce it into honey.

His club poster was titled Indiana Honey Plants and explained how each flower and herb produces different flavors/colors of honey.

The boys were also involved in archery. This was our oldest son's second year. His club poster labels the different parts of a recurve bow.

 That's our county fair experience in a nutshell. Not to mention the food and the great time we had looking at the other animals.
What's your favorite part of the fair? I'd love to hear about your 4-H experience!

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