Friday, February 14, 2014

Love is Like a Box of Chocolates

We all know the famous line from Forest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

True. However, the same can be said of love. When we open our hearts and put ourselves out there, we're not guaranteed to receive the same affection in return. We've all had our hearts broken in some way or another. And we've all loved someone or something (a person, a pet, a toy) with such passion, being without that object of affection is like missing a piece of us.

As a romance author, and admirer of all things chocolate, I was inspired to compare the calorie-filled delights to love. Or at least that's what I told my hubby. It's actually just an excuse to buy a heart-shaped box of chocolate to indulge my sinful habit with the excuse of "research."

Let's begin with the types of chocolate (we're going to be basic here). Dark chocolate-- considered the most reserved of all chocolates, containing no milk and less sugar. This reminds me of a demure individual. They contain the same basic ingredients we all do, they just don't wear them on their sleeves. (My husband, for example.)
Then there's milk chocolate--a rich, creamy base that's dramatic and only tolerated in small quantities. This reminds me of those of us who feel all emotions on a deeper level and aren't shy about sharing those emotions. (This is me. Good thing opposites attract.)

Next, let's move on to the surprises inside.
*Lemon Creme-- tart and zesty, this confection reminds me of childhood. An active, energetic love. For our parents and best friends (human and furry). This love can taste sour at times as we learn and grow.

*Orange Creme-- a tart-to-sweet flavor with a strong taste. This chocolate reminds me of being a teenager. Strong, robust, and still learning to love.

*Coconut Creme-- sweet and exotic, this reminds me of meeting that special someone you ultimately give your heart to. Rich and perfect, some would refer to this love as the honeymoon stage.

*Molasses-- tough and sticky, this chocolate is like the situations we sometimes find ourselves in. The ones that pull us out of the honeymoon stage and challenge that love through the muck called life. But once this confection has been conquered, it leaves a smooth, sugary after-taste for enjoyment.

*Pecan and Peanut Clusters-- crunchy and nutty, this reminds me of those silly moments of love, carefree and comical. These make the molasses moments more endurable.

*Mint Creme-- cool and refreshing, this delight is a comforting love. Like a warm hug and the feeling of being safe in your love's arms.

*Caramel-- smooth and rich, this chocolate is the love that's endured several years. Slightly sticky as it moves through life, yet sweet and trusted to satisfy.

*Raspberry Creme-- sweet and fruity, this confection reminds me of the love that blossoms the first moment we gaze into our children's faces. Their velvety smooth skin and rosy cheeks are sugar to our hearts.

*Truffle-- rich and sophisticated, this reminds me of a true and pure love that's stood the test of time. No romance is more inspiring than one that's weathered every storm, memorized every happy memory to a golden anniversary or beyond.

*Chocolate Covered Cherry-- (I didn't come up with this one on my own, but it's too good not to share.) Decadent and creamy, the cherry represents the blood of Jesus shed on the cross for our sins, washing us white as snow (the pearlescent cream) to save us in a dark (chocolate) world.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
May you never look at a box of chocolates the same way again.

Which is your favorite flavor?

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