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Balance in the Christian Writer's Life--An Interview with Author Denise Hunter

Balance In The Christian Writer's Life
An Interview with Author Denise Hunter
Today I'm joined by multi-published, multi-award winning Christian Fiction author, Denise Hunter.

Candice-- Thank you so much for agreeing to be here today, Denise. I’m truly honored.
Denise-- Thanks for having me, Candice!
Candice-- I recently finished “Balance in the Christian Life” by Dr. Jeffery J. Fugate, where he biblically explains how to find a good balance between work, God, family, and self. It was a great help to me as a stay-at-home-mom, who can’t find enough hours in the day to get everything done. And now I’ve added writing to my daily To-Do list. Thus my inspiration for this interview—finding balance in the Christian writer’s life. You’ve been writing since 1996. I’d love to learn how you’ve evened all the scales.
Let’s begin with work. When you first started writing, you wrote during your children’s nap times. How did you organize to allot for more writing time as you became published? Do you still follow the same schedule, or have you had to reorganize as your children have grown?
Denise-- Great question. Writing was kind of tricky when my boys were little, but it's gotten much easier. I've been blessed to have publishers who have worked with me in spacing my books so I haven't been too overwhelmed. Yes, I wrote during the kids' nap times when they were little. Then as they grew up I wrote while they were at school and took most summers off. As they've gotten older, I've been able to write year round and now produce a book and novella every 9 months.
Candice-- When it comes to family time, how did you discover a good balance between edits and deadlines against extra-curricular activities such as your kids’ sporting events, quality time with your hubby, etc.?
Denise--I have a writing routine that I'm pretty adamant about sticking to. Since I write while the kids are at school and hubby's at work, it doesn't interfere too much with our family life. Sometimes I'll work on marketing/promotion during the weekend, but my family knows they come first.
Candice-- I’ve read where you’re very active in your church. To write the stellar quality of Christian fiction that you do, you have to stay in tune with God in order to pass His message to others. With writing on one weighting platform and family on the other, how have you equalized your “God platform” (if I may refer to it as that for a moment) to serve within the church and refresh yourself daily with Him?
Denise-- It hasn't always been easy, especially the church obligations. I played drums for our worship team for 8 years, and that was very time consuming. I'm currently taking a break for health reasons. As for my daily time with God, again routine is important for me. After the kids are off to school and I'm ready for the day, my devotions come next. Spending time with God in the word and in prayer calibrates me for the day.
Candice-- Lastly—but most certainly not least—you. How do you fit yourself into the equation? In Smitten, your heroine, Reese, encourages her girlfriends to exercise and be healthy. In an interview with all the Smitten authors (Coble, Hunt, Billerbeck, and yourself), you all mentioned that the characters each of you wrote were raw to your own personalities. How do you find time to stay physically fit against many hours immobile in front of your computer? And are there certain things you do for you to harmonize your sanity amongst all this juggling?
Denise-- It's hard to stay active when your job requires you to sit! Add to that a health problem that includes varying degrees of fatigue and you have a real challenge. There are certain days/weeks that I can't exercise--I barely have the energy to get through my daily tasks. When I'm up to it, though, I work out with weights or walk five days a week.

Candice-- I’ve read your latest novel Barefoot Summer and couldn’t put it down once I started. (A habit I’ve formed with all of your books.) Please, tell us a little about Barefoot Summer and what inspired you to write it.
Denise-- Glad you enjoyed it, Candice! Barefoot Summer is the first book in the Chapel Springs series. The romantic series features the grown kids of the McKinley family and is set in the Midwestern river town of Chapel Springs, Indiana. In Barefoot Summer you'll meet coffee-bean dependent, butter-pecan-loving Madison. She's the perfect match (but will never admit it) for Beckett O'Reilly, whose nefarious reputation follows him more closely than his black lab Rigsby. She needs his help to reach her goal of winning the annual regatta, and he'll do anything to help her--he owes her that more!
 For this series I really wanted to come home to the Midwest. Being an Indiana girl, it's what I know, and there's something simple and lovely about a small Midwestern town. This series is also family-focused. The McKinley's are a tight-knit bunch, the kind who meet for weekly bar-b-cues, attend church together, and have each other's backs. And maybe they get up in each other's business occasionally. :-)
Candice-- Barefoot Summer is the first book in your Chapel Springs series. Is there anything you’d like to share with us about book #2?
Denise-- Book 2 is called Dancing with Fireflies and features Jade McKinley who has a minor role in Barefoot Summer. She's the lost middle child, returning home when she finds herself in need of family support. The hero, Daniel Dawson, has been an honorary member of the McKinley clan since he was young. He's harbored feelings for Jade for years, unbeknownst to her. But all that is about to change . . .
Candice--  Smitten Book Club releases later this year. This is the final book in the Smitten series. Will you be sad to leave Smitten, Vermont behind?
Denise-- I'm always sad to leave a series! But this one especially since it was created with my BFFs. It's been the best experience to write with great friends. To me, the Smitten books are a celebration of love and friendship.
Candice-- Out of all the heroine's you've written over the years, which are you the most like?
Denise-- I think I'm most like Reese from "Smitten", although that wasn't by happenstance. Since the book was written with my 3 BFFs and features 4 best friends, we decided to make our heroines like ourselves to make the scenes easier (and more fun!) to write. It's a lot of fun putting words in your friends' mouths. :) Reese and I both have self-depreciating senses of humor, can be mildly sarcastic (not in a mean way), and are a bit on the tom-boy side. Though Reese takes that to a whole new level. 

Candice-- Thank you again, Denise, for joining me today. We all look forward to your next book!
Denise-- You're welcome. Hey readers! Tomorrow I'm giving away 5 signed books to random members of my newsletter, so if you're interested, hop over to my website www.denisehunterbooks.com and sign up!
I hope you enjoyed this interview with Denise. You can follow her at Girls Write Out, a blog she shares with authors Colleen Coble, Diann Hunt, Kristen Billerbeck, and Hannah Alexander (her real-life BFF's!) and fellow Smitten series authors.
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  1. I enjoyed the interview. Although I have sort of known Denise for years from a distance, this provided good insights into her writing life. Thanks to both of you!

  2. Thanks, Rick! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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    1. I enjoyed the interview and learned something. Thank you.

  4. Enjoying the interview! I'm in the process of learning do deal with a health issue that zaps all my energy too. Hoping to find some balance, cut my day-job back to part-time, and get back to writing soon. It's a life changer for sure.