Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's In a Song?

I've always loved music.
I grew up listening to my dad (who has a wonderful voice) sing in church. And around the house, and in the car, and along with the radio, TV... Lol. I'm sure that's where my love for music stems from. Though I personally can't declare a talent for singing or writing music, or playing an instrument, I'm fascinated by those who can. A songwriter has a very special job--inspiring others with notes and lyrics. Their ability to do this amazes me.

What's in a song that connects to a person? For some, it's the notes, the beat, the way the instruments blend together makes them feel. For some, it's the lyrics--the story the song tells. That story can be either uplifting or depressing. And my own personal opinion is that some songs are just too loud and crazy for me to enjoy at all. :)   If a songwriter can move people with the music and the lyrics, that's what defines a hit.
I enjoy many different styles of music, but what I love the most, and get the most out of, are old-fashioned church hymns. I'd rather sing these in church over contemporary any day (again, my personal opinion). I've often wondered about the lives of these songwriters themselves, how long it took them to write the hymn, what inspired them, etc. But ultimately, for me, it's the lyrics in these songs I love the most. When life throws a curve ball and hits me in the face with it--which happened recently, as it does everyone from time to time--these hymns bring me comfort, uplift me, and give me that kick in the pants I need to keep going.
Alan Jackson's Precious Memories CD is one I enjoy. Nothing fancy. Just his voice, the old hymns, and a piano.
Does music inspire you? Is there a particular song you go to when you need a boost? Do you sing, write music, or play an instrument? What do you love the most about a song: the lyrics or the notes?

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